Aug 31, 2010


TH left for NYC yesterday for a couple of days. Sometimes when he's gone for a quick trip, I indulge myself and just lay around the house eating loud crunchy foods and nutella straight from the jar. And watch netflix movies all night.
But this time - oh, this time I was productive gnomie!! I don't know what came over me, but I essentially cleaned the entire kitchen, bedroom, living room, and office area. We just got a new couch and now I feel like I can finally make the living room look liveable. I rearranged some furniture, organized books and magazines, artfully placed some blankets and tablecloths, and now it looks pretty! Just need to find some curtains and a new coffee table and voila. I feel a million times better about the house.
I also watched A Single Man while counting coins from an old jar we have, and man that movie was really engrossing and sad. Tom Ford, not surprisingly, has an amazing eye for set design and wardrobes (assuming he was the person who ok'd all of it). Colin Firth is still hot, as Mr. Darcy or as a 40-something miserable British professor.

And guess what else? I framed some of our wedding pictures. I like remembering that day, and can you believe that it has already been 6 months?! We are celebrating a bit in Montreal this weekend - yes we are totally annoyingly in love and want to celebrate 6 months. TH the other day was like - we should always celebrate our anniverseries out of the country. Umm...ok! As long as we keep flying everywhere for work and get mileage points, I'm totally cool with that one.

So anyway, house is clean, TH comes home tonight, then we get to start planning our road trip and long weekend in Montreal. I can't wait to try the poutine.

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Jathan and Heather said...

Are you ever going to post pictures of your cute place? =) And to answer your question to my blog, that is Teri in the 2nd picture. She had straight long hair her whole childhood. I know, jealous!

Miss you... AND YES please plan a trip to Portland =) Gwen & Oscar need to meet their aunty Family Julz!