Aug 17, 2010

on improvements.

i find it impossible to make good habits stick. it's just so hard to go to the gym and eat healthy and remember to pray and always be nice to my husband. i think most people have these tendencies, or maybe i just tell myself this to feel better? ug, i do try.

anyway, we started on some changes yesterday.
1. gym. felt awesome.
2. no work-related stress brought home. felt awesome.
3. delicious dinner with friends at our house - our first dinner party. again, awesome.

so after such a stellar day, it's hard to say that working a little harder isn't worth it. it totally is worth it. and i'm excited to try to keep it up and make good habits! stay away little trolls.

on a side note - we thought our apartment was too small for a good dinner party, but my friends always prove me wrong. all you really need are fun people, a little bit of good food, and good music. it was heaven. and we get to do it again on wednesday! plus with the brown behemoth couch out of the way, there is infinitely more space!

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