Aug 19, 2010

if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you pick?

bern, switzerland?
with the ponies in iceland?
cuenca, ecuador? st. johns, newfoundland? croatia?

i can't decide. will keep daydreaming until i figure it out. until then, i'm pretty happy in dc but i sure am feeling the need to hit the road a little.
what is your dream place to live?


Mary said...

County Kerry, Ireland.,%2520county%2520kerry,%2520ireland.jpg&imgrefurl=,r:11,s:20&biw=1259&bih=795

nomadic gnome said...

oh that is so beautiful!! do you think there's some 13 year old boy who has to mow that whole thing?

hanner said...

oh geez, that is nice.

ummm yesterday i was dreaming about living in london. just 'cause it's familiar and gray and lately i'm obsessed with the royal family (i'm so weird). but i'd live anywhere if it's with robbie! (awwww...)

except for maybe nebraska.

nomadic gnome said...

ditto on the royal family.

Laura K said...

i was just telling tony the other day that when we finish school, we should move to croatia. seriously! croatia! i looked up plane tickets and everything. I think its still considered kind of off the radar so it would be nice. and still europey. I had a professor from croatia once. he sounded like dracula

P-Cute said...

here in the true north strong and free we call people from Newfoundland "Newfies" and they have the STRANGEST way of talking. Seriously, it is like another world.