Aug 27, 2010

the country.

last night we visited some friends in mclean. we like to refer to it as "the country". how sad that my idea of the country is a multimillion dollar neighborhood with a lot of trees? i guess its just nice to see nature other than ivy growing all over your gate and that huge weed attacking your front door and hydrangea bushes.

hopefully next weekend we're really going to get to the country. i'm thinking - rent a cabin by the lake, lay around in a hammock all day, drive into town to eat dinners, sleep as much as we please. oh man, i'm dying for a good relaxing vacation. i'm up to my eyeballs in work stress lately.

what are your plans for labor day weekend?


Eric said...

Remember when we went to the country at Bear Lake, went to get a burger and shake, and D-Rock made the girl call out "Andre the Giant" when his order was ready?

nomadic gnome said...

ha! i totally forgot about that. and remember how we found a phone number on the bench and called it and made derek ask the person on a date but it was AN OLD LADY? do you remember that?

Eric said...

And I forgot about that! I didn't forget about when we rummaged through your stuff and found that US Weekly magazine though. And then you played regular Nintendo against Quincy's aunt in Dr Mario. What a great trip.