Aug 12, 2010

dc boroughs

you know, much like new york where people do not often venture outside their boroughs (or if they do - its for a good reason), so is dc.

now that we are on capitol hill, getting us to go anywhere else besides downtown (where we both work), is a bit of a haul. i mean, why would we put so much effort into the bus/metro system or looking for parking and battling traffic just to eat dinner in another neighborhood?

this week, we've really stepped outside the hill. spent monday in adams morgan (tryst), tuesday in clarendon (eat bar), and last night in georgetown for a bit of post-work shopping then to U street for dinner at marvin.

marvin! wow! if you like seafood or soul food you are in for a treat here. we tried this amazing dish of shrimp and grits and had what could possibly be the best creme brulee of my dc life. and one of our dinner mates tempted me with bbq ribs after he discovered my love for pork and it was all over. and our waiter was so full of character and class - the whole experience was really quite memorable.

so i guess - even though it takes a little more effort, experiencing different parts of the city really does enrich ones life and bring a little more excitement. i love it. now if i could just figure out how to have fun in the city AND get to the gym. all this eating out is putting on the pudge.


Mandydc said...

Just wait till you move off Capital Hill because then you will be able to walk to most of those fun boroughs of the city. Capital Hill is isolated from other boroughs, and in my opinion way less fun. I live in Mt. Pleasant now and love that I can walk to almost anywhere and don't feel like I have to drive at all.
Good luck with your house hunting!

nomadic gnome said...

jeals - mount pleasant is such a cool neighborhood and the houses are so pretty!

i think we would live there if we moved away from the Hill. if we do, i might ask for some advice from you!