Aug 3, 2010


the cooler weather this past weekend put a smile on my face. i was loving the cooler night air (we even slept with our windows open one night!), wearing a cardigan without "glistening", and no overbearing humidity to ruin being outside.

but then i hit the panic button. for a fleeting moment, i thought that summer might be over and all the heat was squeezed into june and july, most of which i was not even here to really complain about. i haven't enjoyed summer yet! i've been so busy avoiding the heat and humidity, i haven't had time to soak it in. so the lesson learned is that maybe i don't hate summer like i thought i did, and also that i should spend all free time riding my bike, laying around on the grass, and visiting the pool with friends. because, after all, isn't that was summers are for?

however, i am now in full boot-shopping mode. i will enjoy the summer, but i'm a fall girl at heart.


Mary said...

We should all go to the pool this weekend!

hanner said...

man, working in an office has made me not enjoy summer as much. since the sun has started setting earlier robbie is a lot whinier because he is a summer fiend. i also love summer but only my summer memories. sigh. i prefer fall now.