Sep 27, 2010

golly day.

guess who is home for the next ten days?? this girl. glad to spend some quality time at home, enjoying the crisp fall weather and my funny TH man. I just love him.

new mexico was a treat as usual. i spent my evenings with TH's brother and wife. i love them. they are so great and as always showed me the best parts of albuquerque! we went to vietnamese and i had the best spring rolls of my life at que hong. and also an amazing banh mi. have you tried the banh mi? it's truly life changing. after dinner we went to ecco gelato. it was marisa and jeff's first time eating gelato and they lurved it, obvs. cinnamon flavor and choc hazelnut and pistachio. you tell me what's not to love.

marisa also made us dinner(the BEST pasta e fagioli) the night before and we watched season premieres of the office and outsourced. i'm so glad i married into a family that also makes these things a priority in life. it was nice to kick back with the family after long conference days. they kind of kept me sane through the week.

came home and spent the rest of the weekend lazing around the house and hanging out with friends. saw wall street 2 (liked), watched SNL (liked), ate dinner with friends (loved), and started talking about doing a28-day cleanse. mm hmm. i'll keep you posted on this, but rumor is we're going to start on october 17. no meat, no dairy, no bread, and no sugar for 28 days.

happy monday! hope you're enjoying this weather as much as i am! nothing like a cool, rainy morning.

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