Sep 9, 2010

TH in the city.

i always have issues finding things that TH would like. he's a tough one to buy for. but here are a few things that i think he would really enjoy. where do you go to buy things for the men in your life?
from top left, clockwise. 1. pierrpont hicks reversible bowtie $62. 2. adirondack chair $110. 3. PF Flyers $90. 4. vintage aviator goggles for auction. 5. clint eastwood spaghetti western dvd box set $23.

have a great weekend! lots in store for this beautiful weather weekend, and then i'm off to maine monday and tuesday! i've wanted to go to maine since i was 15 and mylissa wood told me all about her summers up there. dreams really do come true.

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