Sep 20, 2010

los angeles.

i just found out i get to go to los angeles next month. i've never been! so tell me - what are the must-see's? i will be staying at a hotel downtown since my conference is at the la expo center. i hear downtown is kinda grimy and financial district-y. but i will have some time to escape at nights.
where should i go? what should i eat? is it really difficult to get from downtown to santa monica (i.e. should i stay in santa monica and subway to la?)

lay it on me! (all i know about LA I learned from watching 500 days of summer. oh swoon.)


Camilla Leila said...

la traffic is a nightmare. seriously. so i wouldn't stay too far away from la if i were you. if you make it down for a day to orange county i have a whole list of places to check out - my best friend lives down there. :)

how exciting though! hope you have a blast!

AJ Candrian said...

LA itself is not that exciting. It's what's around it that is truly what lures people in. Go to Malibu, if you get the chance. It's breathtaking.

Dana said...

I agree with AJ. My best friend lives in La Canada Flintridge, which is near Pasadena. When I visited, we only went downtown for the farmer's market. Santa Monica was nice. I liked Pasadena too. There's a metro in Pasadena so you could stay there and take public transportation downtown.

Ms. White said...

you should email one of my friends that lives and there and maybe you guys can play together!!!! she sent me to this place called MILK, reminded me of Hatches in SLC (chocolate and icecream delights!) I also love Ditty Reese (if that's how you spell it? and it's super cheap) The Getty is always awesome. The bus isn't bad there and they do have a mini subway deal too. Santa Monica Pier is cool for a one time only....Coney is just so much more in my opinion but I'm sure others would disagree. If only you were going to Orange County I'd have loads on must do's! The LA Temple has an incredible new visitors center too, westwood is fun to walk around...ok, this is all I have for now so xoxoxo!

mina said...

eat at koi, if you can... it's my fave restaurant. i had fun at the griffith observatory, the lacma, and the museum of jurassic technology (which is an incredibly odd place).

i don't know if it's the season or if you have time but i went whale watching in redondo beach too.

have fun!