Sep 16, 2010

one time i had a bridal shower.

i don't think i ever posted about it, and i just re-discovered these pictures from lizzy q! ok, most of these pictures are just me in a pink dress with a girl i like, but let me assure you that there was tea, beautiful teacups and depression era glass plates (swooooon), and the most delicious food you've ever eaten. thanks to annie, cristy, and sierra for throwing me an unforgettable girly bridal shower!

i think my most favorite part was when cristy revealed an interview that she had done with TH, asking him all the typical questions - how did you guys meet...when did you know she was the one...etc. cristy produces a show on public radio, so she used her tools to splice and add music, and it is one of my most treasured possessions. i listen to it mostly when i'm traveling or when TH is out of town (like tonight).

ahem. onto the pictures. pink dress.



hanner said...

ok, the fact that you listen to it when you guys are not togeth makes me a little... teary. don't judge.

Peppermint Patty said...

I love your outfit! :)