Sep 28, 2010

moving on.

let's share some good news.

1. i bought rain boots last night! for 4 years, i've been wanting green hunter boots, and now that everyone has them i have finally hopped on the trend. i don't even care that everyone else has them because they have been in my heart for 4 years. so.

2. we changed our sheets from stripes to white and now all of our bedding whites/cremes. it is such a calming place to sleep - i just love it.

3. i have really great visiting teachers who made me feel like a million bucks last night. they came at just the right time when i was feeling so down and out about work and turned my day around. hooray.

4. i have fun things planned for every night this week. a couple of dinners, a cocktail party, a girls night, and a movie date with TH. that helps to distract from the stressful days, but of course i know i have to deal with the days in the office.

5. i want to own my job. i want to be good at what i do. and if that means taking on a project that i don't love, i will do it and i will try to do my best at it. so i'm accepting this until something else comes up (but i don't think i'm going anywhere for next summer. if i can hang on for that long!).

these are all good things that have improved my life since yesterdays bomb shell. i can do this. with a lot of prayer and family/friends consulting, i know i can do this.

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Camilla Leila said...

lots of things to be happy about!!

i'm buying rainboots too this year. i don't care if its too trendy...its functional!