Sep 7, 2010

on our way. driving to montreal.

we left DC at 6:30am. about 6 hours into the drive, once we passed albany, the drive became much more bearable. and everything turned green and beautiful.
we passed the time with lots of new music, podcasts, and books on tape. and triscuit guillotines. yum.
about 5 miles from the canadian border, there is a bridge to vermont. since neither of us have been to vermont, we drove over the bridge and voila! vermont.
oh yes. red barns and maple syrup signs everywhere. i'm not joking. all my dreams of vermont came true that day.
then...back to canada. we crossed the border without much fanfare. quick checks of the passports and NOBODY at the border. (different story coming back to the States).

our first view of Montreal, driving into the city over the St. Lawrence River.
our hotel was by the place de artes (I'm going to butcher every post where i try to speak quebecois). that weekend was the world film festival and we sat outside on the plaza with everyone and watched some weird american mystery from the 70's.
and that was Thursday.

a long day of driving - about 10 hours including the time we spent eating lunch in Albany and stopping in Vermont for State bragging rights. I instantly loved all the French speakers and their intense love of sitting in cafes, outdoors, in parks, etc. I could never really understand anything that was going on. Montrealers seem to have a different code than us DC'ers, and with the language barrier things seemed so foreign! A very different city with a distinctly European feel. Yet...not.

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Team O'Connor said...

I've heard Montreal is great! Perfect time to go visit. 10 hours is rough! I really want to go but haven't committed yet. If we do end up going, we'll dedicate the trip to you guys :)