Sep 20, 2010

weekend review.

date at old siam. fresh rolls and green curry.
furniture shopping - some success! picked up some tables at miss pixies and a rug and pictures at the african store in adams morgan.
picked up my new glasses at burton optical in georgetown.
play with niece lizzie and family in manassas. hit up some antique shops (never try this again with a 3 year old! i developed about 5 ulcers just trying to make sure she didn't touch ANYthing).
date at BGR, the burger joint (LOVE their veggie burger).
dinner with new friends.
episodes of covert affairs on hulu (heath, this is the new alias and i am HOOKED. except no vaughn. sad.).

and that's a wrap.

as the guy in the elevator said to me this morning: it's monday! isn't it just glorious?!?


hanner said...

you were an alias fan too??? ahhhh VAUGHN.

Heather said...

Oh' man! Vaughn, No sleep, episode after episode, fresh pineapple in bed, suffering grades, the suspense, the "just one more episode", Awe...and Vaughn. Best couple of weeks ever! ;) I'm pretty sure that's during the time you introduced me to niquil. Best hour of sleep ever! Maybe I'll have to see about this new show... miss you!