Sep 24, 2010

on being loco.

i swear i didn't use to be this crazy. i think work is pushing out all my good brains and filling it with "ok, have to find a speaker for this program" or "shoot, did i remember to send the contract to so-and-so?" or "did i make travel arrangements for my trip?".

i'm going out of my mind. how do you manage the work-life balance? i think i do okay most of the time, but recently it's been epic fail. maybe i need an assistant? anyone looking to work for a crazy person (don't most of us already do that anyway)?

oh, you know what would be a blast? tell me some good story about a crazy boss you've had. i have some doozies myself that i'll share next week.


hanner said...

ummm among other crazy things she used to do, my old boss in college one time brought a bunch of pants to hand down to me. like, black old-lady work pants. and followed me into the bathroom to make sure i tried them on. i was the only girl in my office and the guys never stopped giving me crap for it.

i. bloggit said...

i put together 4 panels for two conferences, and also a workshop, all in the last week.. ugh. our lives are a bizarro take on that talking heads song. (btw their advice on life management is simply to "remove the water from the bottom of the ocean." sound advice.)

don't know why but the crazy boss story that comes to mind is from age 19, making subway sandwiches. she made me work the shift even though i had dislocated my shoulder earlier that day. since i could not use one arm i sat in the back doing nothing until she left. i don't think she believed that my arm, which was in a sling, was actually hurt. i don't know why i put up with that but she had implied i'd be fired if i didn't come in and minimum wage jobs can be hard to come by in la'ie. or maybe i just felt passionate about my sandwich art.