Sep 17, 2010


ladies and gents, this weekend will be a grrrreat one.

tonight is dinner and catching up with my love (welcome home from london, TH!), and tomorrow we are helping a friend with his short film indie romantic comedy. the script is so cute, and i hope i can share it with you guys in a few weeks!
i'm going to try and get out to a few furniture stores to find a chaise lounge and curtains for the living room. the process continues.

i also really, really want to see The Town and am going to try to convince my violence-hating husband that we should see it. wish me luck.

mainly this weekend is just going to be great because my husband is home again. golly, this time spent apart is getting ridiculous.

what are you all doing this weekend? do you know of any good furniture stores in the DC area that sells antiques/modern furniture? i'm skipping down to goodwood, hunted house, and miss pixies, my hot spots.

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