Sep 16, 2010

things to do and things not to do when home alone.

i have made some poor, poor choices this week with TH gone. i've also made a few good ones. let's review, shall we?

things to do when TH is out of town:
1. watch hulu and netflix really late in bed.
2. eat cookies in bed.
3. go to dinner with adorable people.
4. ride bike to work (yes, i could do this with TH home, but i think it was important for me to do alone the first time. i feel more confident in my abilities to ride the streets of DC on a bike!)
5. invite friends over to investigate mouse situation.

things NOT to do when TH is out of town:
1. no scary/suspense movies. last night i watched the pelican brief on netflix. i didn't realize how suspenseful this 1994 drama was, but after about an hour, i started fast forwarding through the scary parts and growing suspicious of sounds outside my house.
2. eat cookies in bed when there is a mouse running around the house. dumb.
3. lock myself in my room because a) there are probably mice having a party in my kitchen and i don't want to interrupt, and b) i live right by the capitol and supreme court so if someone is after somebody who wrote the pelican brief, they will be looking my neighborhood, obvs.

that sums up my last couple of days. what do you do when you're home alone? are you as skittish as me? i hate being scared.

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Camilla Leila said...

glad the mouse situation got dealt with!