Sep 7, 2010

This is what 30 years old looks like.

And this is what it looks like to eat at the best brunch place ever, The Sparrow in the Mile End neighborhood of Montreal on St. Laurent.
Could you just die over the geese wallpaper? Drool.
And if you could have only seen my face when I saw crumpets on the menu. Oh I don't know if I love anything more than crumpets on the menu.

And that was just 2 hours of the greatest day of our lives. More to come on Montreal! We had a fabulous time, minus the flat tire we got on the way home and forced us to drive 250 miles on a spare tire. Talk about frazzled nerves - we have never been so glad to see our street and pull in safely to a parking spot!!

1 comment:

naomi megan. said...

yay for pictures! and really great ones!

happy bday mark!

that picture of you, julie, in front of sparrow is absolutely adorable. and crumpets sound amazing. we should have a crumpet party sometime.