Sep 1, 2010

summer be gone.

i know some people love summer. i have kind of embraced summer this year, but i'm still crazy excited for Fall to be here. i'll give you three guesses why.

ok i'll tell you.
1. boots.
2. sweaters.
3. cuddles.

that's pretty much it.

so, why is it still 95 degrees outside?! oh, yes, because the season is kindly waiting for me to go buy the perfect boots. my favorite boots were purchased in 2002 in Logan, UT at a jcrew sample sale. i bought perfectly brand knee leather boots for $25!! so I guess in all fairness, it's time to shell out a little money for some new ones.

A couple i've had my eye on:

1 comment:

hanner said...

i'm looking for new boots too. passively. they had cute ones at nordstrom!