Jan 10, 2011

baby it's cold outside.

since the new year, i've been walking to work in the mornings. it's about a 2 mile walk, and i absolutely love the view and the vigorous start to my mornings. i walk 2 blocks, pass the capitol building, walk down the Hill past the newseum, where they have on display the front page of each State's newspaper. I love seeing the headlines every day: "Grizzly Bear Causing Nuisance at Local YMCA", "Residents Must Collect Petition Signatures on Nude Dancing". Then I walk past restaurants, selecting the ones I still need to try (Cowgirl Creamery for lunch!), and the not-too-tall buildings of DC.

Next thing I know, I'm at work having listened to some great wake-up music or a podcast. And I feel great.

And I'm pretty sure my pants are fitting a bit looser. And I avoid things like this morning's bomb scare. Good news all around.


hanner said...

you walk! how long does it take you? i am so tired of metro and need to get my bike fixed or join you for your walks.

nomadic gnome said...

about 40 minutes. 30 if i hussle.
we should walk together some morning! it's so nice!

naomi megan. said...

you walk all the way to work, and that is why you are my hero. and to think i complained this morning DRIVING over to josh's office for something about how my heat seater finally warmed up AFTER i got there. amazing.

JD said...

walking to work sounds awesome. it would take me all day, and possibly the next, if I tried it in my current circumstances.

i love the newseum. all things about it are awesome. especially those headlines that you shared.

P-Cute said...

Julie ;)! I am in Halifax, Nova Scotia right now taking care of my v. sick little sister. But, when I get back lets go on a date!