Jan 26, 2011

rainbow watch.

i've been wearing TH's romanian wind-up watch for a few days now. i haven't worn a watch for so long, but i really love it.
i'm considering getting my own so i don't live in fear of breaking his lovely antique timepiece, so i've been digging around online.

how about some handcrafted watches? this etsy shop makes their own watches/bands and they have some really pretty ones (hint, hint TH)

hand painted enamel rainbow watch

hello, embroidered watch. let me introduce you to my wrist.


Rosie Riot said...

Oooo. Those are really cool. Do you need someone to send TH some encouragement? Jordan would be willing, ha ha.

communikate. said...

That top one is awesome! It reminds me of an artist.

ioion said...

Hi friends,

Wow looking so beautiful! This rainbow watch is sure to cheer you every time you check the hour! Thank you...

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