Jan 27, 2011

lizzie turns 4.

if you have never been to a 4 year old girls birthday party, i suggest you get on that. last sunday we had a party for lizzie and she was spoiled rotten, receiving gifts such as 3 pairs of shoes and pretty, pretty princess.
jenny wrote on her blog a little excerpt of what happened when lizzie woke up on her birthday:
She woke up this morning and looked in the mirror. "I'm four! Am I really four?! Am I bigger? When I was three I couldn't see in the mirror but now I can!"
i can't believe the little miss is getting so big. she is so delightfully funny and sweet, it's no wonder we are related. ahem.

plus look at those cheeks. hello! of course we are related!
2nd obvious reason we are related: we both rock the dress-up clothes look.
my sister is lucky enough to get to hang out with lizzie every day. she writes so many funny stories on her blog about lizzie, like this zinger:
Lizzie: Cinderella is the most prettiest in the whole world!
Me: Lizzie...What is the most important thing to you?
Lizzie: Heavenly Father....(Hallelujah, her mind is not totally obsessed with vanity)....told me that it's dressing up. (BLAST)

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