Jan 20, 2011

making a house a home.

we are moving in a couple of weeks, and bad news: i totally forget what our new apartment looks like. haha. we liked it so much, i didn't even bother to take any pictures to analyze later, whether i really liked it or not. also, i feel incredibly lucky that it became available when it did, because i've been looking at what's available lately (you know, just to make sure we got a good deal), and nothing is coming up! we probably would have left capitol hill for another neighborhood with available apartments - pickins are pretty slim right now.

anyway, i'm pretty excited to move and tackle the home design project again. even though the dimensions and colors of the house have completely escaped my mind, i do remember the snooze details: off-white walls, beige carpet, and an ugly chandelier in the dining area. some real renter humdingers. i've been saving some pictures in my home inspiration folder, so i can have some sort of idea what to do when we move into the beige palace. my big ideas focus around one thing: COLOR.

do you know of some good sources for home design inspiration? these are from all over the place, but mostly from lonny, domino, and living etc.


Rosie Riot said...

I don't know of any good places to look, but I keep staring at these pictures. Very pretty. Good luck on enlivening the beige palace.

The Danimal said...

I'm working with the same beige carpet off-white walls pallet. I've been buying everything bright I possibly can. I've noticed that house plants are helping liven it up quite a bit. Also drift wood fits in really nicely and goes well with mellowing at brighter colored furniture so it doesn't feel too much like legos in my apartment. you can find lots of driftwood on Craigslist.. I can't wait to see the pics of what you come up with!!! it will inspire me with ideas also!

JD said...

I think you might like this blog: catalogliving.net

Probably not what you are looking for when you're actually wanting to do some home decorating, but I find it funny.

marissa (stylebook) said...

i'm sure you know all about apartmenttherapy.com? you can lurk your dc neighbors' pads!