Jan 2, 2011

bon annee!

we spent new years eve keeping very busy. you see, we recently decided that we should buy a new car. why? i have no idea. something about lowering monthly payments. which turned into buying a new fancy hatchback car. so we've spent nearly our entire christmas vacation researching and test driving cars. we woke up on new years eve, drove uptown to a VW dealership and made a decision: we do not need a car. so, we will be doing a few small repairs on the mini, then will sell it. hopefully soon. i remember the thrill of not having a car - i didn't have one for about 3 years, and i made it work. we'll make it work, too.

after we made the decision, the rest of our day was so enjoyable and relaxing. we ate falafal at amsterdam in adams morgan. checked out the new exhibit at the hirschhorn, colorforms. kind of cool, but i fell asleep during a little movie. oops. home to take a nap, regroup, then headed out to old town alexandria to celebrate the new year!

dinner at red rocks. a table next to the window, quite perfect. so fun to see everyone walk by in their festive hats, dresses, and coats. and TH had the most perfect little paperwhite on his lapel. i loved it.

we are excited for 2011 - our first whole year of being married. we are becoming quite the experts (hahaha). happy new year!


JD said...

looks fun. food looks good. i would have thrown my hat in the subaru ring, had you decided to purchase. but i suppose not having car payments is the smarter way to go.

P-Cute said...

your hairs are looking tres chic! I like ;). we need to get together soon. ever since you mentioned crafting.. well, I just can't it out of my head. xo