Jan 9, 2011

turns out i can fit around 20 people in our living room.

well, we did it, a baby shower. and nobody even went into labor! yay naomi! (though i have a sneaky suspicion she would not have minded too much.)

i really didn't think that was possible to fit 20, let alone 10 people in our little apartment. but look! we did! and the mother-to-be, miss naomi. if i could look this good pregnant, i'd have tons of babies by now.
food. i love an excuse to eat breakfast food.
this is christina and hannah. they were miracle people and made the whole shower seem effortless. muchas gracias!
(that is josh. he came later.)
the matriarchs, wise with babies.

it was a really fun day. i've never been to a baby shower where the mom-to-be was so close to the due date, and the anticipation of knowing baby davis is so close to joining the world was so special and exciting! we are so excited to meet little baby, and can't wait to see naomi and josh be new parents. it's so cool to see your friends turn into parents. i just love it.


naomi megan. said...

yeah. you (and your pretty apartment) are amazing. also, you will no doubt be one gorgeous pregnant woman! i don't question that for a second! these pictures make me happy. thanks again for everything saturday. :)

Camilla Leila said...

saw this little party on naomi's blog. um...she's one lucky girl! seriously cool party.

i can't wait till my friends start getting married/preggers!

Ms. White said...

super cute ladies!