Jan 7, 2011

i was prepared + good news!

i really liked black swan. i think because i was so prepared to be terrified, it was not so bad. when annie and i were walking into the movie, we passed a black swan poster advertising it as a "psycho sexual thriller" and we were like - what are we DOING here?!

my black swan review, as it happened:
oh my goodness, did she really just...? is that really happening, or it her psychosis again? shaky camera is making me seasick. i think i should close my eyes for this. i think i should close my ears for this. beautiful dancing. the sound of bones cracking sickens me. this girl is seriously losing it. perfect ending.

when i got home, TH was ready to console me, but i was surprisingly calm. bring on the horror sexual pyscho movies! haha.

so. some good news.
we signed a new lease this morning! and guess what, i think it's pretty perfect. just a few blocks from our current apartment, a little further into Capitol Hill. an english basement with lots of kitchen space, a dishwasher (yay!), big laundry room, living room fireplace, and built in bookshelves. oh yeah, and space for our bikes in the backyard! we move in just a couple of weeks, and are really looking forward to another fresh start. i kind of like moving in the new year. it's a chance to purge all the lame furniture you previously bought and currently hate. so that's nice. here's hoping we don't make the same mistakes again on our 2nd apartment.

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kirby said...


found your lovely blog through naomi's! I just had to see who owned the gorgeous hill house where the baby shower was thrown :) Read here that you're moving? My bf and I are trying to get back out to the hill (we moved from eastern market a couple years ago)...do you have any suggestions about finding a gem like yours??