Jan 24, 2011

getting ready for alone time.

TH is heading out of town tomorrow for the week.
And due to a switch in moving date (we were originally going to move today, but postponed till next week), we no longer have TV or internet. Ahhh!!! My worst nightmare! (TV I can do without, but no internet is death sentence for this girl)

So for the rest of the week, it's just going to be little old me to fend against myself at home. Here are some things I've lined up:

1. Finish Christmas stockings (i know, i know)
2. Watch Netflix movies
side question - which 2 movies would you pick:
the girl on the bridge
vicky cristina barcelona
days of heaven
city island
mr. smith goes to washington

3. work out a lot
4. read a book
5. go to tryst and get on my laptop (my favorite thing to do. i will of course order the washington carver.)

Oh yeah, and pack the house. boring - of course that falls last on my list.


jenn said...

I've never commented before, but i just had to say i loved vicky cristina barcelona a lot. (So i'd pick that one!)

Camilla Leila said...

i dunno about the other movies, but i vote vicky cristina barcelona. love love love that movie.

hanner said...

ohhh days of heaven is really good and slow-paced and kind of tragic. i really really love terrence malick. have you seen his other movies? you need to prepare yourself to be patient but i love him.

also, "mr. smith" is a good old american classic. and... i haven't seen the others, so have fun with that.

nomadic gnome said...

i got it! vicky cristina barcelona. i've heard good things from other friends, too.

2nd movie: adam. quirky indie romance comedy. just the type of movie TH wouldn't mind missing.