Jan 19, 2011

how do you stay in shape?

here are my tricks to staying in shape (yes, circle counts as a shape), from most logical to least.

my tricks at the gym:
1. elliptical (my knee doesn't like me to run)
2. deep lunges with weights
3. stairclimber
4. 300 crunches

my tricks outside the gym:
1. walk to work and home from work (2 mile one-way)
2. stand on tip-toes while waiting for the light to change (go calves!)
3. yoga on netflix in my living room
4. fake ballet for TH in the living room (he loves this)
5. live in an upstairs apartment

i have to say i've gained a few pounds since we got married. sad sad sad face. it kind of coincided with graduating from columbia and moving away from NYC, where i walked up a 5 story walk up every day and walked 12 blocks to and from school every day. i still miss that. i stayed so skinny, no matter how much bagels or pizza i ate (i ate a LOT).

but i have a new years goal of losing 10 pounds by our anniversary, march 6. if i achieve my goal, i get to buy a kate spade purse. so naturally, i'm pretty motivated by this. i have 7 weeks to make it! easy, right?

do you have tips to help a girl out?


DeeAura said...

Okay, laugh at me all you want, but the 30 day shred with Jillian is one of my tricks. The dvd is $10 at wal-mart, and all you need are some handweights. I started it in August as a sort of joke with a friend, and then...well, I'm still doing it, and I've seen WAY better results in the past few months than I have in two years with my Gold's Gym membership. Hahha. Maybe that's because I'm clearly not as motivated on my own? I don't know. But I love it. So there you go. (It's not all I do, but it's the thing that has made the biggest difference, weight-wise?) The end. :)

Camilla Leila said...

yoga on netflix? what do you recommend!

i lost almost 30 pounds this year mostly with changing my relationship with food. i rarely rarely rarely eat processed foods, and most everything is homemade and whole grain.

also - i started drinking a green monster smoothie every morning (raw spinach based) and i've found that i've lost some weight with that!

and lots of water.
like crazy amounts of water.

hanner said...

i've already suggested yoga, but my most practical suggestion would be to lay off of things like this: http://picky-palate.com/2011/01/06/chocolate-chip-oreo-cookie-sandwich

Laura K said...

no diet coke.

Megan Andrea said...

tis me. meg. of meg and mark. let's play. we have been here 2 weeks and have not seen you. sad face.

Peppermint Patty said...

Make time for worksouts at least 4-5 times a week, eat whole foods, bikram yoga, and I like the last comment...no soda! High fructose corn syrup is no bueno!

nomadic gnome said...

giving up diet coke is always so easy for me, but i give in after about 2 weeks because i grow bored of not drinking it.

what is a good replacement for that fizz?

me and mark are thinking about doing P90X, so Dee - we are not above the video!!

Rosie Riot said...

Jordan's brother does P90X every few months. Why is it so hard to stick with an exercise routine? Anyway, how have I not seen your blog before? Also, are you going out of town for your anniversary. Don't tell anyone else yet, but I may or may not be in town that week.

nomadic gnome said...

i did p90x when i lived in nyc and i loved it. but we lived on the 4th floor and our neighbors below us did not appreciate their daily 7am wake up call. haha.

rosie, if you are visiting, we're not going anywhere for our anniversh.

Bbells said...

cut the carbs! i always do a little south beach phase 1 when things get out of control.

Ms. White said...

visit your nyc bestie and make healthy soup and bread and walk in icy central park and take photos....I hear that's a great thing to do to stay in shape...just say'in

ps, i need to come and see you! i'm sorry i've been lagging. lame me!

Dana said...

Track what you eat here: http://www.livestrong.com/myplate/

Ironically, I was more committed to tracking meals while I was training for the last marathon and have seriously slacked, now that I'm not running quite as much.

But when I was using it, I was losing about 1 pound a week and was super conscious of what I ate and how much exercise I got.

nomadic gnome said...

you guys are incredible! so many great ideas. i really like the idea of tracking my food, dana. thanks for the website. except i just entered what i ate for lunch and oh my goodness who knew an avocado had so much fat!

hanner said...

robbie also used to use that livestrong app and liked it a lot! and i think that avocados are loaded with good fats so don't worry. haha.

JD said...

i was going to give you advice about working out, but then i looked over your list and realized you do way more active things than i do. so i have nothing for you.

Lars said...

K i know this is an old post, but I just had to comment on your avacado comment. It is good fat and it is good for you!!! Cut fat from processed foods and keep eating avacados and start eating raw nuts, because they are so good for you! That's all. I want to see you soon!