Jan 18, 2011


hello winter friends.

it's so cold outside, right? and icy! argh, don't you wish it were warmer? oh you do? because i most certainly do not. i love cold weather, and i love to hear the sound of sleet on our windows. i love to bundle up in all the clothes i own and complain about how all my coats are ugly. i like to wear my poofy white hat. i love to hold TH's hand with my mittens (oh, there is nothing better than holding mitten hands!!) most of all, i love to drink cold, cold smoothies when it's 30 and below outside.

ok, that last part is not so much true as it is coincidental. for some reason, since christmas, all i want to do is drink smoothies. we got a huge huge bag of frozen strawberries from costco, a couple cans of pineapples, and try to have bananas laying around. and that's all it takes, friends. we love our blender. last night, we were drinking our smoothies and watching friday night lights on my computer and TH was like, "i'm kind of cold". then we looked at our smoothies and just started laughing. grab a sweatshirt, and problem solved!

guess what else? i like to drink tea in the summertime. i don't think my internal temperature ever got the memo...


Jen Evans said...

You also like to dress your neice in a matching outerwear to yours and parade her around DC.

mj said...

I totally disagree with you about winter being fun, but that may have something to do with not having much to do with a one-year-old.

I totally agree with you on winter smoothies. I think I've had four smoothies in the last week and I'd like to keep the momentum going.

JD said...

fruit smoothies are the best. and so is winter. i am in agreement with what you've typed here.