Jan 12, 2011

snowy dc.

not much snow - maybe 2" on the ground this morning. but it was so pretty last night. and it made my walk to work this morning seem so magical. i like to walk along the mall, between the museums. there isn't much traffic there, the buildings are beautiful, and it gives me time to reflect and think about life. until i turn on 12th street and the city is bustling, that is.

i like having my own private world in the middle of a busy city. i like dc.


Camilla Leila said...

what a lovely image. it's so cold it feels like snow here in san francisco, but sadly, no such fun....

stay warm!

JD said...

last year during one of the big ones, we met up with dave & mei at the capitol one night -- no one was there, and up came those two on cross country skis. pretty awesome.