Jan 25, 2011

i cannot wait.

a few things i'm excited about:

1. moving...t-minus 6 days!
2. new boots (TH finally acquiesced thanks to Josh and Robbie's advice. haha)
3. a new business venture -- more news on this next week. i am so excited to share the news with you guys!
4. this stupid meeting being over on friday.

did i tell you i have a big meeting tomorrow, thursday and friday? well, i do. i am just so not excited about work lately. it's depressing. TH and i ran through some ideas last night of things i can do to get through the doldrums of current job, as well as ideas for new jobs.
i have to say, i'm not excited about either option currently.

do any of you have your perfect job? how'd you get it? or what are you doing to work on getting it? xoxo


JD said...

I honestly think there are very few dream jobs...i like mine the majority of the time, so that's about as dreamy as it gets for me :) hang in there with the meetings.

hanner said...

is this what the guys talked about when they were picking up food? good job, guys.

and i think you already know my stance on crap jobs. hang in there, sis. or just quit!

Jathan and Heather said...

I had the perfect job in SLC. Crazy as it sounds, I loved going to work everyday. Love me some crazy kids! Can't complain about my current position either ;) Work is SO much better when you enjoy being there. It never hurts to look into something else, or you could always pop a baby out and there you have it.. a new job! =)

Nicole Jeannette said...

GOOD LUCK! :) Love your blog :)