Jan 21, 2011

craigslist is a joke.

so i really really would like to get a couch from craigslist. since i messed up so bad with the last couch purchase, i'm pretty sure TH would flip out if i suggested buying another new couch. i am so indecisive when it comes to things to sit on.

anyway, this is my take on what's available in DC craigslist sofaworld.

1. Gold Velvet Couch $300
2. Blue Leather Chesterfield Couch $100

Even after I've posted all of these, they all look ugly to me. I am cursed with couch hatred. It is truly awful.
ok, give me your opinions, people.


communikate. said...

Story of my life. You're lucky. DC's craigslist is WAY better than Portland. Any mention of retro/mid century/ antique and the PRICE is ridiculous. I've been looking for six months with zero results.

I like the chesterfield couch but I think the right space would be crucial to implement that design. Good luck!

Jen Evans said...

I wonder how stinky they are.

mike said...

Listen to Jen. You don't know where any of those couches have been or who they've been with.

JD said...

i think i've made it pretty clear i have no skill when it comes to home decor.

/closing eyes, moving finger around until it settles on a couch/

i choose the third one

Laura K said...

they all look like they would be in a hotel lobby. in 1976. I am for anything in a nice neutral. Then add throw pillows.

Jodi said...

I would pick between the first two. I would really like the second one. But if its going in a space where it's being used often the first one would be the winner.

Celeste said...

I love #3!

nomadic gnome said...

the chesterfield is AMAZING. but our new apartment is teeny tiny and not a chesterfield apartment.

and family who said craigslist is scary, most of my furniture is from craigslist and i am still a functioning member of society, so i feel ok about it. especially because you can save so much money doing it! yay!

Lisa Maria said...

totally rode the craigslist couch circuit for awhile - i know what you mean. i even bought one and then it was too stinky so i re-sold it (totally made money). After that I broke down and went to Ikea - which I only sorta regretted after seeing that a million people have that couch. I'll let you know if I see anything!