Feb 3, 2011

babies make the world go round.

i held a new baby at 4pm today and it was the best reason i've ever had for leaving work early. there is nothing so soothing and sweet as a newborn babe. congrats to the new mama and papa! they are the cutest with little baby. and little baby has the most tiny little toes and fingers. i know TH was really nervous about holding a newborn (his first time!), but he was a natural. we had baby glow for the rest of the afternoon. how lovely.

ps walking through the halls of the delivery and labor floor is strangely peaceful considering all the labor going on. it also made me really nervous to even think about the process of having a baby. i held on to husbands hand and he told me about his new product idea to distract my mind from the scariness of childbirth (not that we are anticipating this happening to us anytime soon, people):
earphones that play loud rap music on the outside, so people think you are listening to cool music, and they're actually playing smooth jazz or radiolab or something. haha. (it totally worked - i forgot all about the scary.)


Camilla Leila said...

this makes me SO baby crazy!!!

ahhh i just can't wait. my biological clock is definitely screaming that i'm ready for a baby. (just not financially, i guess)

also...i suppose i should probably get to my december 17th wedding before i start thinking these crazy thoughts.

Laura K said...

dude. having the baby is like the coolest part of having a baby. seriously. i should be a surrogate mom.
ps the word i have to type to post this comment is splargoo.

Laura K said...

ps your friend had like the smallest full term baby bump I have ever seen.

communikate. said...

their baby is BEAUTIFUL! i'm totally curious to hear what they named her! ;)

i've totally got the baby hunger as of late. i'm trying to put it to rest for at LEAST another year, but we'll see if it happens!

Mary said...

Laura, weren't your labors like 30 minutes each? It's like you sneezed and they popped out. Of course you would think that.