Feb 8, 2011


the other day we were on a hot saturday night date, me and TH. trolling the aisles of target for new wares for the new digs. we encountered some friends at the end of the visit (as you always do at the crystal city target, i swear that place is crawling with mormons), and had a laughy chat for a long time. laughy chats are really the best kind of chats, especially when liz quist is involved.

so we're standing there, chatting and laughing, and discussing the matters of the day when we are passed by yet ANOTHER mormon couple. a...younger couple. halfway down the store, we see the girl hop on her boyfriends back, piggyback style.

and my mouth drops, and we all kind of look at each other like "um, did that just really happen?" "do people that we associate with ride piggyback in the target?" "this is not to be born!"

days later, i'm still running that moment through my mind. i believe at some point in my dating life, i definitely pulled the piggyback in a public place, but it was probably in my college or high school years. where those sorts of things happen. not in DC, no, not here. but, who am i to judge? if people want to be silly and young and carefree, who cares where they are? which gets me thinking: am i getting too old for things like this? am i...old and judgemental (gasp!)?

just to prove to TH that i am still young at heart, i did a toe touch and a hurkie last night in our living room. i then collapsed on the floor, having strained my leg muscles.


Rosie Riot said...

I'm laughing. It feels good. Thank you.

JD said...

piggybacking means that you're hip and having fun because you don't care about things like...social norms in public.

Sherpa said...

I'm always amazed at how many people I run into at that Target also.

Jathan and Heather said...

The piggyback ride that stands out the most was in 2003. Apartment 3# against us, apartment #1. Miaken & I both jumped on Tim's back. We broke the towel rack and then we all fell onto Trejo. And that's when we were told "to get the F out". A very memorable piggyback ride.