Feb 4, 2011

central america? caribbean?

you know how everyone has their own ideal way to travel? over the past 10 years, i've been mostly to south and central america and i think i've learned just how much it suits me. i love europe and have never been to asia or africa, but the beauty, the food, and the price cannot be beat in SA/CA.


so, where next? we're trying to find the perfect laidback, inexpensive beachside trip in march. looking at roatan, or somewhere in honduras, puerto rico, and costa rica.
any tips? i'm headed to the bookstore to peruse lonely planet. LP has never steered me wrong.


Dana said...

Well this is so not central america and not exactly cheap, but Air Tahiti Nui seems to have some amazing deals, both packages to Tahiti and stopover deals on your way to Australia and NZ. We are flying with them to NZ in September and getting 3 days in Tahiti, potentially for free :-D

hanner said...

lisa and hunter went to PR on their honeymoon (i think), you should ask them. also i have heard CR is so awesome and robbie really wants to go there some day, but i don't know anything else about it!

communikate. said...

Puerto Rico!

We flew into San Juan and then drove to Fajardo to catch a ferry over to Culebra Island. (Next time we are going to take a puddle hopper flight directly from San Juan to Culebra, which I recommend.)

Culebra Island is INSANELY beautiful and quiet. The waters aren't deep enough to for cruise ships to come in= not touristy. But it's the 12 miles from St. Thomas so it's totally the beautiful clear caribbean waters! We camped (20.00 a tent a night) there is a small grocery store on the island and also a small B&B. I loved LOVED it! I can give you more deets if you're interested!

communikate. said...
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Cara said...

I've been to costa rica and would go back in a second! Loved seeing tons of waterfalls and waking up to monkeys and white sandy beaches plus they have a cool volcano to visit!

Veronica said...

My brother just got his mission call to Belize, it seems nice?

Claire Groo said...
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nomadic gnome said...

thanks everyone for the advice! i am exhausted of looking at all the options, so i think we'll just go to west virginia. haha, just kidding. or am i?