Feb 7, 2011

moving and singing.

who knew you could get so much done in one weekend?
we spent most of the weekend cleaning and organizing, selling stuff on craigslist, and consigning clothes in old town alexandria. and guess what else? looking at couches. i have it narrowed down to about 5 now, and just need to do some more test sits. still looking on craigslist but finding nothing.

we also had a few people over and tested out the new space. i like to do that when moving into a new home to see where people congregate - where it makes the most sense to arrange furniture and hang out. you know?

one thing i'm really excited about is our new piano. i probably shouldn't admit this openly on the internet, but i love sing-a-longs. i adore them. we had what may have been the funniest sing-a-long (next to the garth and kat christmas party at cristy and sierras) of my life on saturday when josh and naomi visited for a little while. what started off as an innocent beatles sing-a-long ended up with 2 saxaphones and a carpenters song and so much laughing i couldn't even see straight to play the piano.

this weekend was so good for my soul. and guess what else, i really love TH. he saves me every day. i'm such a pill sometimes and he is so supportive when i just feel like giving up. thanks love.

so. what did you do this weekend? orrrr do you love sing-a-longs as much as me?


hanner said...

there is nothing like a spontaneous sing-along. for some reason caroling freaks me out and i usually prefer doing the accompaniment instead of singing, but over the break my family had a spontaneous christmas sing-along of the whole hallmark christmas songbook and i was dying of laughter the whole time. it was da bomb.

P-Cute said...

good luck finding the perfect couch. . . I know what a horrible experience it can be. A couch happened to me just last week at Goodwill. It knocked my socks off, and the husband is slowly getting used to it.

JD said...

Seems that you handle moving much more cheerfully than I do. The whole thing is just an ordeal...but good luck couch hunting :)

Rosie Riot said...

I also love sing-a-longs. Love, love, love. Probably more than I should. I like your idea of having everyone come into the space to see how it will work best. Veeerrrryyy clever.