Feb 11, 2011

shake ya mmph.

update on my efforts to be healthy:
1. worked out every day this week
2. lowered food intake
3. cut out most carbs, replaced with whole grains and legumes
4. lowered sweets intake.

i couldn't quit everything cold turkey - that makes me too crazy to think of how to get food in my body that "plays by the rules", so i just limit stuff. it's working so far and i feel healthier. i can run further. i am not so hungry all the time. and just maybe my pants are feeling a bit looser? i'm also working on my flexibility and my body is feeling great. go body.

update on trip:
thank you for all your suggestions for a trip, but it turns out that this family prefers not to finance an exotic trip and a new couch in the same fiscal quarter. well, that's ok. we're planning a big trip for september to eastern europe, so i will just hold out until then. and if i shed a few tears over being cold this winter and not sitting beachside, so be it. at least i'll have a nice couch to sit on.

what's going on for you this weekend?
we've got: oscar short film viewing, dinner with friends, couch hunting, birthday party, and getting the new house in order. wahoo.

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Laura K said...

how about a slightly less expensive weekend jaunt to the greatest snow on earth?