Feb 25, 2011

just some things.

1. i've been making a lot of good food lately (patting myself on back), but i'm too lazy to blog it on gnomie cooks.
forbidden rice stirfry
black beans and avocado with fried egg
butternut squash daal (yum!) with quinoa
what i'm trying to say, is that with a little sunday preparation, TH and i have had some really tasty dinners this week and have avoided spending money on frivolous meals, helping us save money towards our more important 2011 goal of TRAVELING.

2. we picked up a new-to-us dresser last night via craigslist. sometimes craig is such a tease, but he's been ok to us this week. hopefully will find a dining table and TV credenza this weekend.

3. work has been really depressing lately. the political winds are shifting to a standstill and it's frustrating to see the hard work that people have been dedicating towards their industry come to a pause. i work in energy and environment and if you read the news, you will know what i'm talking about. it's scary that groups have the power to shut down 30 years of environmental progress. it's mostly frustrating and makes me sad about humanity.

4. i think i need a pretend beach getaway this weekend. so i've got some tricks up my sleeve to make it feel like summer! bring on those umbrella drinks and summer movies!!

tell me - what do you do to get rid of the winter blahs?


P-Cute said...

I moved to Virginia to get rid of the winter blahs ;) ! This place has the best winter weather evvah! Of course, this comes from a displaced CDN.... Umbrella drinks sound like just the think though.

Anonymous said...

are you still looking for a tv stand? i have a beautiful one here that i'm being forced to get rid of (the bf is the TV guru and he went and bought a new entertainment center) let me know if you're interested! i have lots of pics.