Feb 22, 2011

some facts for your tuesday.

it's a sad weekend when you're wearing short sleeves on friday and bundled up in all the sweaters you own by monday.

bananas taste better with a spoonful of peanut butter.

bodies feel great when they are regularly stretched.

eastern market after church is always a good idea.

outlet malls after church is probably not a good idea.

one week of meetings = 2 lbs. gained.

tea parties with sisters, lizzie, and mom are hilarious and i want to have a tea party with 4 year olds every day. come on, teaching etiquette to a princess-obsessed girl is the funniest thing i've ever witnessed.


hanner said...

you guys ran off so quickly after church, and in the same direction as us! the samples at the market are my favorite part about the sunday walk home.

Laura K said...

Is that mom in the background with her feet up on the couch? Someone needs to teach grandma some proper etiquette.

nomadic gnome said...

burn! that is me. i was hoping nobody would notice my rats nest hair and fugly socks. ah well.

Laura K said...

haha. nice to know that what I consider to look like mom is also considered to be messy hair and fugly socks. Oh, mom!