Feb 2, 2011

taking in the new view.

we live in a basement now. oh, i never wanted to live in a basement apartment. you know, they call them english basements on capitol hill, to make them sound oh-so-quaint. well, ok, i guess they are.

moving from a 2nd floor apartment with windows on every single wall into a dark basement it going to be an adjustment. one that will require lots of lamps and pops of COLOR for the beige palace.

i'm also still stuck on what to do about a sofa. i implore you, do you love your couch? where did you get it? or better question: what is your DREAM couch?

i want something low profile, deep cushions, and comfy with modern lines. something that looks sturdy with masculine lines and is a comfortable couch to lounge around on. i haven't really found it yet, at least not in person. where are you, couch of my dreams?


Camilla Leila said...

i always see english basements and think they look sweet but I'm big on natural light so...maybe it wouldn't be my cup of tea.

either way, i'm sure you'll make it a perfect little haven!!

happy moving

mav said...

Fun blog! I was in Arhaus this weekend, and drooled over at least 5 couches there, both for comfort and beauty. Though they're a pretty penny... maybe search Arhaus on ebay?

communikate. said...

yes, make sure you get lots of light and color!

oh the couch thing! i'm on the hunt myself. best of luck dear!

Darci said...

k -- this is going to sound crazy because they have a lot garish stuff, but surprising ZGallerie has some deep cushioned, oh so comfy couches with clean modern lines that I loved. If you can get past all the over the top stuff everywhere and take a look just at the few sofas that fit that description, i think it's worth it. They are pretty reasonably priced and have a great selection of fabrics to pick from. In my next life (when I have a house again), I have a dream couch picked out from there. www.zgallerie.com

Laura K said...