Feb 22, 2011

missin papa mickey.

dad went to utah for the semester to be a utah papa. he gets to hang out with the mike and amber family and the koens with their cute little babies. but papa, we miss you here! come back and see us soon. or should we fly out and see you?

(here i am with lizzie, dressed pretty much exactly the same. cool? not sure.)


Laura K said...

plane tix are right under 300 for a long weekend in maaaarrrch. but keep in mind dad is home from like the 17th to the 26th

Jen Evans said...

I want to point out that Julie bought Lizzie's hat AND jacket about a year apart, and had no intention of matching her own. Style rut!

mike said...

Every time we see Dad he does say that he misses Lizzie. I think if we just flew her out here he would be OK.