Feb 10, 2011


hello world, it's me, gnomie.

i am feeling so happy about nothing. just happy in general which is a good thing i suppose. i have a sneaking suspicion my happiness is owed to this blue can of energy drink i have on my desk. so unnatural, i know, but geez it sure does help me get things done around here!

valentines day is coming up and i have a really fun idea for TH. but since he sometimes reads this little bloggy, i'll save the thing until after V day.

i also want to say that i LOVE our new house. we've had friends over a few times now and it just feels so nice to have people inside our new home, especially the people we love. it brings in that much more warmth into the house, ya know? i also love sitting next to the fireplace with my tootsies curled up next to the fire (because i'm always so cold - thanks mom for my poor blood circulation, ha). and it's just nice to be able to breathe a little better and feel like we are truly home, you know?

oh and guess who has a "sitting" date this weekend? me and TH are going to test out some new sofas! wish me luck! i will desperately need it.

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Laura K said...

I have a sitting date too. me and the tv. good ole tv.