Feb 24, 2011

marriage is hilarious, part 2.

last night it's like 1am and we're having trouble falling asleep because, well, i'm high on caffeine and TH is all hepped up on work (is hepped up a real thing?)
so i tell him about this dumb king of queens episode i watched earlier that day. i turned on the TV just for a minute, and ended up watching the whole episode, which made me late for my appointment.

but it was all pretty much worth it, because as i was recapping the episode (like WORD for WORD - how did i even remember it?!), we started laughing so hard. and we were both laughing so hard we pretty much couldn't talk for a couple minutes. it was pretty great. we fell asleep right after that, exhausted from the laughter and feeling the peace of knowing i picked a pretty great guy. totally mushy, yep, and i can't believe we have nearly been married for 1 year. we just booked a little getaway off the grid in western maryland next weekend and i can't wait to celebrate our anniversary and relax like newlyweds should (right?). how long does it take until you are not a newlywed? because geez, i do not feel like i'm experienced enough to be called anything but.


Becca said...

mushy love blog posts are great (people probably hate me for all of mine though, lately). being a newlywed is the best.

communikate. said...

mushy is where it's at in the blogging world. it's cool

enjoy your get-away!

Laura K said...

id say right around the time you have a one year old. Not right when you have a baby, because then you have the new baby glow in the relationship. Give it time to wear and tear. Right around the time you start only buying clothes that can have boogers and food on it.

Camilla Leila said...

oh i love this story. it makes me so excited for marriage!

Mike, Amber, Tanner and Brooklyn said...

I second that Laura - kids end the honeymoon phase pretty quick. Its really not an easy way to start a marriage.