Feb 21, 2011

day off!

i plan to enjoy every second of this day off. i'm all rested up, too, thanks to the 12 hours of sleep i had last night. my house was really cold, so i just went to get under the covers to get warm, and next thing i knew it was the middle of the night and i'm in my jeans. awkward.

a couple of weeks ago, i broke my iphone when we were moving. the glass shattered and i had to get it replaced. well, guess whose iphone shattered yesterday? TH! sad bomb, i couldn't believe it. we are definitely putting cases on the iphone today.

how are you celebrating the day off?


hanner said...

i can't tell you how many times i've gotten in bed to get warm only to wake up hours later. this is the curse of living in poorly-insulated houses.

today i am still in my pj's and writing a paper while robbie is at work. not fair!! but i think i'll be done at a reasonable hour, at which point i'll decide whether or not i'll go outside and enjoy the cloudiness.

naomi megan. said...

12 hours of sleep? forget the day off or the iphone update... i can't really concentrate on anything past that sentence. considering how i've forgotten what 3 consecutive hours of sleep once felt like, i suddenly hate you.

(but i love you.)