Jun 27, 2011

birthdays. let's eat some cake.

mary got not one, not two, but THREE birthday desserts yesterday. happy birthday to her! jenny and i teamed up to make peach cobbler and a sponge layer cake with chocolate frosting. holy moly, was it a lot of butter and sugar and ridiculousness.
just look at the strata of this cake!our little helper was on hand to eat cake scraps and peach slices.
we ate like royalty. nothing as nice as a sunday evening with family you love, especially when you have food like this to eat!

and finally, here is mary's dog in a diaper. hi chloe!
happy birthday mary! we sure do love you!


Laura K said...

They still haven't gotten chloe fixed??

Mary said...

Thanks, Julsie! With your powers combined, it was a great day. I love you guys! And no, Laura. We haven't.