Jun 22, 2011

craft night with the gals.

it turns out that my craft parties should really be called "come over and eat some food and talk with your friends" night. which really are the best kinds of parties, right?

besides a couple of yarn balls i wrapped, and a scout patch hannah sewed onto a little scout shirt, there was nary a craft to be seen. and i loved it that way. naomi brought over some little coca colas, christina brought some popsicles, and we all just basked in the fun of girls night.

and bonus: now i have a wreath to make for the front door on my own time while i catch up on a ridiculous TV show. taking suggestions for new shows (people keep telling me battlestar gallactica?).

and double bonus: i have been cooking/baking a TON since TH left town, and i practiced a couple things last night:
cheese straws, thumbprint cookies, and brownie peanut butter cookies. the cheese straws are set to become a regular thing. those little devils were goood.


Christina Kim Homer said...

those cheese straws were amazing. i didn't realize you had made them yourself! i need to steal the recipe.

thanks for having us over! let's do it again next week!

naomi megan. said...

dang. i forgot to try one of those thumbprint cookies before i left and i really wanted to. thanks again for hosting such a fun little evening. i agree with christina, let's do it again next week. ;)

Camilla Leila said...

craft night sounds awesome. i wish i had girlfriends nearby to do this with. ah some day.

also - love the new layout. looks sharp!

Laura K said...


hanner said...

i love craft night.

P-Cute said...

Boo, sad I couldn't make it :(! Virginia is just so far away sometimes!!

i. bloggit said...

aw, wish i (and p-cute) could have come.