Jun 6, 2011

rested and not ready.

pregnancy has hijacked my body. these days i just wake up sick even though i've treated myself well all weekend and exercised and ate smartly and got plenty of rest (i'm looking at you double 3 hour nap). it's so puzzling to be pregnant.

i really am excited about this baby, but i think i understand the weariness of pregnancy. i felt great all last week and now the past 2 days have rendered me useless.

but onto a different topic. aren't these shoes beautiful?


amanda jane said...

oh wow...those are fantastic.

Jen Evans said...

Those shoes have buck teeth.

modestmuse said...

Good luck ... ! You're not making a good case for me ever wanting to be pregnant ever, ever again. But you are so beautiful it makes up for it! ;)

Lars said...

cute shoes! and you think you are weary now? Ha! i'm so excited to see pregnant Julie!