Jun 15, 2011

repeat summer.

remember last summer how we were out of town the entire time? well guess who's doing it again?? gosh, the rest of this month is toast, and we are both out of town the last half of July, then a couple more trips for me in august. it makes me sad, it almost feels like summer is already over and it's just beginning. boo hoo.

here are a few things i want to do this summer anyway. you know, those 4 days i'm home:
1. make and eat a pavlova.
2. go on a hike.
3. swim.
4. eat slurpees.
5. kayak/canoe in the potomac.
6. ditch work to go museum-ing and movie-matinee'-ing.
7. go to the beach.

1 comment:

Laura K said...

Think of it this way, each time you see each other after a trip, you will have grown. Perhaps one more physically than the other.