Jun 27, 2011


i was sitting in my house tonight, minding my own biz, when out of nowhere 3 horseflies appeared. i got my magazine and smacked them all gone. then 2 minutes later, 4 more appeared. and then another. and i started feeling like i was in one of my bad dreams.
my nightmare come true - never ending bugs. ew ew ew.

so i got out my vacuum, attached the hose thingy, and sucked those little critters right up. and now they're sitting my vacuum, waiting to be emptied. but i don't dare empty it because hello = they'd come right back and haunt me, right?

am i crazy, or is this normal bug behavior?

honestly, every time TH leaves town, it is like the wild kingdom up in here. i need my bug killer back please. oh and more than that, i need my husband home. i hope this week passes by quickly!!


Jen Evans said...

Ask AJ about how scared I am of horseflies. I am talking full on tears and screaming. Anyways, I'm pretty sure more than one nest of ants lives under my living room carpet. And my cat won't do anything about it.

amanda jane said...

ewwwww bugs.