Jun 10, 2011

oh shootie cutie.

i feel good about today. maybe we sold our car last night, i'll find out today if our schpiel worked. mark is really sad about it, so i'm trying to get him excited about a new car.

we are looking at VW golfs and subaru wagons and he really wants to look at a hyundai. "new car, new car", i say to him and he says to me "why can't we just get an old car like the starving artists that we are" and i say to him "but the baby! reliability! warranty! shiny and new!" and welp, the truth is i don't really care if we get a new car or old car, but they seem to be pretty much the same price once you figure out the financing. and savings on gas if we buy a diesel. so why not buy a new car after alls said and done?

do you think this is the most boring post i've ever written? it must rank high up there.

it's time to eat a bento box for lunch and see my sweetie cutie and try to not talk about cars or babies. i love that we get to have lunch together since our offices are only 3 blocks away from each other.

have a great weekend, lovies! i hope you enjoy every single minute of it. i'm off to denver for a few days next week, and this kicks off our crazy 2 months of travel. here we go!

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Ro Ro Riot said...

I was not even a little bit bored. I wonder why? Ha ha. Our little Hyundai got us all the way across the country - twice. And got us through Snowpacalypse quite tidily. Have fun on your travels!