Jun 2, 2011

front door.

we've been working on making our little apartment a home for about 4 months now, and i finally feel like it's coming together in some ways. hooray for small victories.

one of my favorite parts about our house is the front door. even though it's a basement apartment, we have a little ledge right next to our front door that is now inhabited by a little gnome friend. thanks to P for carrying him home like a baby from eastern market when i was too weak. haha. i like to think he hangs out there all day long causing mischief and playing tricks on our landlords upstairs. we gave him some little flowers to shade him from the hot summer sun.

coming home makes me happy.


amanda jane said...

what a cute little gnome!

Camilla Leila said...

a gnome for gnomie! love it.

i. bloggit said...

are you afraid of all your plants dying in the heat like i am? should i find my plants air conditioned homes? these are the dc issues plaguing me right now

nice preggy pics, you are totally looking it! (does that help?) xo